Dezine by Mauro - Couple Dancing
Dezine by Mauro - Couple in blue tint location
Dezine by Mauro - Couple in NYC
Dezine by Mauro - award winning shot groom


Dezine by Mauro prides itself on our catalogue of award winning photos in industry competitions from all over the world. In Total we have over 30 gold awards and 60 silver awards from all recognised international and Australian institutions.

We enter into all major photography awards and competitions to gauge our skills with the current market. Please view our list of achievements and awards.

International Awarding Winner Studio


List of Recent Awards

  • 2016- Overall winner of 16x20 print completion (SWPP)
  • 2016- First place WPPI wedding division (Category Family and Friend)
  • 2016 Two AIPP gold awards
  • 2016 9 Gold awards SWPP (Category wedding+ avant garde)
  • 2016 WPPI 4 gold awards (Category wedding, photo journal, bridal party)
  • 2016 SWPP First place (Category Wedding classical)
  • 2016 SWPP First Place (cat Wedding avant garde)
  • 2015 WPPI first place Premiere Category
  • 2015 WPPI First place Half year competition (category Wedding details)
  • 2015 WPPI first place Half year competition (category Bridal party)
  • 2015 SWPP first place (category Wedding classical)
  • 2015 9 gold awards
  • 2015 3rd place (category Wedding photojournalism)
  • 2014 WPPI  Second place (Category wedding bride and groom)
  • 2014 WPPI third place (cat Wedding photojournalism)


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