One of the most important aspects of planning a wedding is of course planning to have great wedding pictures! Our wedding photography team will help you get what you need. You can have the most magnificent wedding in the world but if the whole wedding photography experience is substandard, it could be a sore point in your marriage memory for years to come. Avoid this by planning well.

Wedding photographer Melbourne

One of the key elements is of course to choose a great wedding photographer. So big is your photographer’s portfolio? Has he presided over a handful of weddings or close to a hundred? Experience is key here so the more events your wedding photographer has handled, the more expertise and confidence he brings to the table.

It also helps to know if wedding photography is his profession or if it’s just a hobby. You know which of the two is more important! It’s best to know beforehand what kind of style you want. Do you wish to have color wedding portrait photography? Or do you prefer black and white wedding photography Melbourne?

Playful angles or a more conservative style? Proper poses or candid wedding photography? Settle this in advance so you know what you’re going to get. Also find out if your photographer will use film or go for digital wedding photography. Ask him to explain the difference. Professional skill is not all there is to be considered when you hire a wedding photographer. You must also be able to get along with him or her. Do you guys feel comfortable around this person?

Does he or she dress well and as such will be able to fit in easily with the proceedings? The last thing you want is tension on your wedding day. Make sure your guy is someone you really want around on your big day. Is The Price Right? Make sure your wedding photographer is within budget. That’s not to say that you should find the cheapest photographer available. However, don’t unload your entire savings on the wedding photography aspect of your wedding. Find a happy balance. Shell out a fair amount to ensure that you get fabulous pictures that will give you great memories. But be reasonable with your spending and haggle if you can. In the hustle and bustle of things, don’t forget to get a firm date on when you will receive your wedding photos.

Obviously, it’s nicer to have your wedding photo album as soon as possible, especially if you are planning to be away for quite some time on your honeymoon. However, do understand how long the process can take, what time frames are involved, as well as packaging details and the like. Arrange all this in advance so you have a good idea when to expect your treasured pics and what it will finally look like.

Professional wedding photography often involves more than just a friendly handshake. You will probably be required to examine and sign a contract. Study it well and make sure that the terms are fair. Make sure that the payment schemes are correct and be sure to read the fine print when it comes to cancellations and other details. Also, be sure to know if the photographer himself will be there; sometimes an agency might send someone else instead.

So far, we’ve talked about the photographer and the processes involved in selecting a great one. But of course, a key aspect to a successful pictorial is how YOU look. You must be stunning! Granted you will have the best clothes, hairdos, and possibly even a designer wedding dress. So there you have it. Cover the wedding photography well by making sure that all functions like clockwork. The fees, the photographer’s style, references – deal with them in advance so you don’t lose sleep during and after the ceremony. For professional wedding photographer Melbourne send us an email or give us a call, we can help you capture you perfect day forever.